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Happy Easter everyone!

It's going to be a quiet one for us, with Shapray and Brianne having lunch with her parents, it's just going to be me, Jackson and my parents.

My mom spent the last couple of days in a horror of a mood, because this weekend would have been the big wedding that she had planned for me and Jackson before we went and eloped on her. She came around, but that didn't stop her from being upset when the day arrived that it should have been.

I had considered suggesting to Jackson that we take off to the beach house for spring break, but Sharpay wants us to look after Brianne, so I guess we'll be staying home. That OK with you babe?

Also, his birthday is coming up soon, so I'm trying to think of the perfect gift for him.

Anyway, I'll be around.

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So this week has been a lot of fun. Haven't seen much of the others, we all seem to have been doing our own thing so hopefully we'll spend some time together this week.

Spent some time at the beach with Jackson, I was a bit worried about the beach but I actually had a lot of fun and I even feel less self-concious walking around in a bikini. Not that I've done a whole lot of walking. Other than that, walks on the boardwalk, nice dinners, just relaxing at the house. It has been a very good week. Its been nice to get away.

No idea what we're gonna do this week, I'm sure we'll think of something. Hopefully we'll all hang out as a group a little more. We'll see.

I think I'm going to take a nap and then I don't know what I'll be doing. I guess I'll figure that out later, hopefully someone will wake me up so I don't sleep too long.